Year-End Matching Gifts

Year-end results are in, and we thank each and every one of our members who contributed. Your overwhelming response to our year-end matching challenge resulted in almost doubling our goal, raising $93,000 by 31 December in support of future geoscientists!

Did you know there will be an estimated shortage of 90,000 geoscientists to fill open positions by the year 2024?*
And, did you know that disaster-related economic losses reach an average of US$250–300 billion annually? This comes with almost 68,000 lives lost each year due to natural disasters around the world.**

We are all aware of the natural catastrophes that have affected so many around the world. Unfortunately, some of us have even felt direct consequences. In this year alone, we have seen landslides and draught in Africa, flooding and monsoons in South Asia, and major earthquakes and hurricanes in North America.

The increasing effects of global catastrophes and hazards, coupled with the shortage of geoscientists to fill open positions in the coming years, will impact our ability to understand, predict, and prepare for natural hazards.

The support and development of future geoscientists is vital in addressing the catastrophic events impacting people, the environment, societies, and economies around the planet.

Giving Tuesday marked the start of our year-end campaign for Future Geoscientists. We are incredibly thankful for the $50,000 match pledged by a generous individual donor who is passionate about the future of our science and supporting aspiring geologists through field camp opportunities. Your inspiration to help us reach our goal resulted in a total of $143,000 toward programs that support the future of our field! Your gifts of all sizes were directed toward programs like GSA’s On To the Future diversity initiative, graduate student research grants, and a field camp scholarship fund. To give you an example of the impact to just one program, GSA will be able to award field camp scholarships to ten students in 2018!

We are heartened to see that contributions are continuing since the start of the new year for such programs. If you did not have the chance to participate but would like to be part of the progress in supporting the future of our profession and our science, you can still donate today.

*American Geosciences Institute, Status of the Geoscience Workforce (2016).

**United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (2015).


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