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Every year aspiring geoscientists spend part of their summer at a field seminar. This week Director of Development Debbie Marcinkowski is joining some of those students at the GSA/ExxonMobil Bighorn Basin Field Seminar in Montana and Wyoming. Check out some pictures from the seminar below.

Left to right: Students work in teams at each site throughout the course, Elk Basin. Instructors presenting at Elk Basin. Making up-close observations, Cedar Mountain. A team observing the accretion of bands, Bighorn Basin.

field teams at Elk Basininstructors at Elk Basin

field seminar observations, Cedar Mountain

field seminar team looking at band accretion, Bighorn Basin

students looking at map in the fieldThe GSA Foundation is excited to announce the new Petroleum Geoscientists Fund for Undergraduate Field Experience and Research! This fund is unique because it was initiated and started by a group of industry career geoscientists and underscores the value of undergraduate field experience as realized by them. It is also one of a small number of sources of field camp financial support.

Did you know?

Undergraduate field experience is considered by professionals and employers to be a critical geoscience training experience, and yet…

  • Only 40% of 2016 geoscience bachelor’s degree candidates participated in field camp; attendance continues to decrease.
  • Rising field camp costs are increasingly prohibitive to students.
  • Corporate funding for field camp scholarships and student research has dramatically shrunk in the last 5 years.


YOU can help support the undergraduate field experience by becoming part of the Petroleum Geoscientists Fund for Undergraduate Field Experience and Research effort.

Jack in earlier BSA daysHess with medalThe GSA Foundation staff congratulates Jack Hess who was recognized with the Silver Buffalo Award by the Boy Scouts of America on 25 May 2018.

Created in 1925, the Silver Buffalo Award for distinguished service to youth is awarded to those persons who give noteworthy and extraordinary service, either independent of or directly through the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), to youth on a national level. This award is scouting’s highest commendation, recognizing the invaluable contributions that outstanding Americans make to youth.

As an Eagle Scout with over 50 years of scouting, Jack has a distinguished record of service with the BSA and has been recognized with numerous awards including the Hornaday Gold Badge, Silver Antelope Award, Order of the Arrow Distinguished Service Award, and the Silver Beaver Award.

Join us in congratulating Jack on this remarkable achievement!

Tektonikos logo

Hey student members!

We are excited to share the logo for Tektonikos: Building the Future, your student giving circle.

If you give $50 in a year or commit to a recurring gift of just $5 per month (roughly the cost of a coffee), you are a member of Tektonikos. Just click the DONATE button at the top right of the screen to set things in motion.

We have a lot of exciting things planned for members of Tektonikos, so keep an eye out for updates and information.

Hey student members! After five GSA section meetings and hundreds of votes, you chose Tektonikos as the name for your student giving circle. Tektonikos comes from the Greek root meaning “to build up,” so the tagline for your group is “Building the Future.” Students are the future of the geosciences and you are helping build the future of GSA. Keep an eye out for more information about what it means to be a member of Tektonikos—including your own logo!

Jack Hess with student at 2018 section meeting

Student members! There is only one more section meeting to go before the name of the student giving circle is chosen. So far, students have cast votes at the Foundation booth at the South-Central, Northeastern, Southeastern, and North-Central Section Meetings and the competition is close! If you’re attending the joint Rocky Mountain/Cordilleran Section Meeting, be sure to vote for your favorite of the three choices, and claim your special gift from the Foundation for being a student donor. As soon as all the votes have been tallied, we will announce the winner.


Tahlia Bear is GSA’s Diversity and Career Officer. One of her roles is overseeing GSA’s On To the Future (OTF) program. Listen to her interview below to learn what led her to GSA, what impact OTF has had on participants, her vision for OTF’s future, and how she is helping GSA become a more diverse and inclusive organization.

The GSA Foundation congratulates Professor William A. Thomas for receiving AGI’s 2018 Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal. Bill is a longtime GSA member who has supported student travel and research grants, and more recently has placed great importance on supporting GSA’s high-quality, peer-reviewed publications.

student member voting at a 2018 section meetingHey student members! We’re celebrating you by establishing a giving circle for all student members who make a gift of $50 or more in a year. However, every group needs a name. Stop by the Foundation booth at your GSA Section Meeting, make a gift of any amount, and vote for the name you like best.

The options are Tektonikos, Trailblazers, and GeoLeaders. Come by the booth to vote, and leave your impression on GSA forever!

Watch GSA’s Executive Director, Vicki McConnell, interview Kathy Knierim, a USGS hydrologist. Not too long ago, Knierim participated in a GSA mentorship program as a student. She now reflects on the experience in a different role, and explains how GSA helped her get to where she is today!

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