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Tahlia Bear is GSA’s Diversity and Career Officer. One of her roles is overseeing GSA’s On To the Future (OTF) program. Listen to her interview below to learn what led her to GSA, what impact OTF has had on participants, her vision for OTF’s future, and how she is helping GSA become a more diverse and inclusive organization.

The GSA Foundation congratulates Professor William A. Thomas for receiving AGI’s 2018 Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal. Bill is a longtime GSA member who has supported student travel and research grants, and more recently has placed great importance on supporting GSA’s high-quality, peer-reviewed publications.

student member voting at a 2018 section meetingHey student members! We’re celebrating you by establishing a giving circle for all student members who make a gift of $50 or more in a year. However, every group needs a name. Stop by the Foundation booth at your GSA Section Meeting, make a gift of any amount, and vote for the name you like best.

The options are Tektonikos, Trailblazers, and GeoLeaders. Come by the booth to vote, and leave your impression on GSA forever!

Watch GSA’s Executive Director, Vicki McConnell, interview Kathy Knierim, a USGS hydrologist. Not too long ago, Knierim participated in a GSA mentorship program as a student. She now reflects on the experience in a different role, and explains how GSA helped her get to where she is today!

photo of welcome for Cliff CullenGSAF staff welcomes Cliff Cullen, the new Assistant Director of Individual Giving. In case you haven’t met them, staff members, from left to right, are Terry, Joan, Cliff, Jack, Elle, and Jeff. (Debbie was behind the camera lens.) You can meet Cliff during the GSA Northeastern Section Meeting.

After five years as a GSA Foundation Trustee, GSAF Board member Lisa Pratt is moving on to make space in her schedule. Lisa is NASA’s new planetary protection officer, and is tasked with protecting the Earth from alien invaders, as well as protecting the solar system from Earth’s trash. Learn more about her exciting new endeavors!

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